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5-star activities during the day and in the evening at Les Mimosas campsite!

To spend a holiday full of emotions, with many activities and entertainment for the whole family, Les Mimosas campsite is the ideal place. It enjoys a privileged location very close to the Etang de Thau, the largest pond in the whole region. This will allow you to enjoy, for whole days, all that it offers as an attraction. During your stay, you can further appreciate the pleasures and riches of the marine world.Activities at Les Mimosas campsiteFor the pleasure of its holidaymakers, the (click here) [...]

Luxury yacht rentals all over Europe

Who is not attracted by the fact of starting to skim the seas aboard a magnificent yacht, even those who have already experienced it? However, this feat is already accessible to everyone around the world today, and there is no need to even leave home to know how to proceed, and where to access it.Travelling on a luxury yachtFirst of all, it should be remembered that there are at least two types of yachts, notably between motor yachts and sailing yachts. Indeed, we can distinguish (yacht charter) [...]

The reasons why you have to rent a yacht charter

Unlike other others, a yacht charter holiday is one of the most stunning and unforgettable experiences. One example is that many of our customers are repeats because they decide to repeat the experience every year, in the same location or in any other place, after testing for themselves that it is fantastic.The costsAnything we ever felt was rich and very costly for renting a yacht. But Nautical Adventure is an choice for you to rent a boat show much cheaper than rent an apartment or [...]

Simple online boat hire for your holidays

Trips are a nice feeling, in particular when they are taken all over the world, and the most common way is still planes in terms of travel. It's only for journeys, however, as there are other ways to explore, such as vehicles and boats. Furthermore, the citizens of boat rentals are growing. Renting a boat online is on trend nowadays because it facilitates everything for both the renter and you.The best place to hire a boatMost are now involved in a trip, mostly by sea, irrespective (boat hire) [...]

The best places to see by boat

The best places to see by boat
It is that time of the year, well, with the difficult ongoing situation in the world it might be a bit late compared to other years to start making plans for sunny season over Europe and the options we have, but with the summer brake more likely to be an indian summer, why not make the most of the situation in respecting self distancing by taking the family away ona boating trip, the Samboat platform is the best in terms to rent a boat.TurkeyTurkey boasts over 8,300 kilometers of [...]

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