Rent a boat and enjoy the most amazing day out !

You no longer have to have a boat license to rent this one. There are boats that do not need a license such as a houseboat that rolls between canals, or a yacht, as well as sports boats like jet-ski, kayak or canoe.

You decide where to navigate

You should take a little training in the initiation of the boat. This can vary from one to two hours, the time you get used to driving the boat, but also on the water. The boats are fully equipped with mandatory safety equipment, vests, torches and solarium awning ladder for your comfort.

You have an active boat

You have a boat that can already have its activity tool on the water like a jet ski getaway. You can even go around the island on this machine and come back in the middle of the water to enjoy the activities on the beach. You can also enjoy a dive program as the facilities for this activity are complete. Good equipment to visit the caves and see the beauty of the marine landscape.

Options for renting a boat

You can rent a boat for a few hours or a day until one or two weeks. It all depends on your destination as well as the choice of the boat whose agency gives you the instructions to follow.

For a pleasure boat rental like sailboat or catamaran, it will be 300 euros for a day of 8 hours of rental time. In this boat with eight passengers, if it is a trip per group then they are lucky, because each individual pay about 70 euros to travel by boat. We also have the opportunity to rent a boat to celebrate a private event. The boat can stay moored during the few hours of holidays or take a tour of the village as the owner of the barges.

And finally, this is a bit strange, but you can rent a boat for the night, it will stay moored, but with someone on board.

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